MHRC | Parenting Education Course-Parenting
Education Course:  Parenting and Family Issues
Parenting Education Course we will focus on:
• Developmental skills (with age appropriate information)
• Communication
• Discipline styles (age appropriate)
This class teaches you the various developmental stages of a child. You will learn what to expect as the child grows and how to grow with the child.  You will also learn safe ways of handling stress and communication skills that will assist in non-confrontational communication. Each parent will assess their parenting styles and the parenting belief system that they were taught in their families.
​Court/Attorney or Self Referrals

Family and Parental assessment
This will assist the family or referral source identify areas for learning and improvement
This assessment is a combination of written and verbal information gathering
Reports will be given to the referral source
Court/Attorney or Self Referral

Co Parenting classes
Especially helpful in a divorce or separation situation - hours are determined by the referral source
Court/Attorney or Self Referral

Step parenting
Blended families - referral by a Court/Attorney or Self Referral

Critical incident for families - referral by Court/attorney

Other family areas address by request of the referral source
Family Value and Belief Systems
Domestic Abuse
Substance Misuse/Use
Nutritional and Health

​These courses are approved by several courts systems to fulfill the need for parenting, education or counseling. Please contact us if you have questions.

Intake is simple - courses range from 4 - 60 sessions - cost based on referral source.
classes can be arranged daily from Monday - Saturday.

**PLEASE NOTE: For Education Courses there are NO CASH REFUNDS issued 

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