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We ask that all clients download and complete the required MHRC Intake Forms prior to their first appointment. Please bring these completed packets to your first session.

Please complete the Intake Client Information Form and Release of Information Form with your insurance company. If you have questions regarding these forms, please contact your insurance provider directly for further information. Registration is completed at the time of your first appointment. You may need to precertify through your insurance provider prior to your first appointment. Precertification is the responsibility of the client / insurance holder; MHRC does not precertify insurance.

If you are referred by a court system, please select the program that fits your needs. All program fees are determined by the referring agency. If you have questions regarding fees or on how to utilize your personal insurance, please contact our office at 936.494.4357.

Please note that Montgomery County Probation, Harris County Probation and Occupational License Intakes last approximately one hour so please schedule your time accordingly. We ask that you complete all required forms, bring a picture ID and your Probation/Court Referral Sheet to your intake - these items are REQUIRED to complete your intake.
Welcome to Mental Health Resource Center...we care for your health!

Thank you for choosing Mental Health Resource Center (MHRC).
We know that life is full of change, obstacles and adversity. You are not alone in facing these changes. Our group of professional therapists, massage therapist, counselors, educators, life, nutrition, memory care & recovery coaches offer counseling and consultation for individuals who need insightful guidance. We are trained to assist and serve you through assessment, education and treatment. Whether you are a self-referral or referred through work, family, or the court system, MHRC has a service that will meet your current needs and budget.  We specialize in memory care, sleep, stress, anxiety and addictive issues, please call us today to see how our services of consultation, treatment, massage, and memory care may assist you or a member of your family.


We accept some insurance programs & Many Employee Assistance Programs. 
Please contact us at 936.494.4357 to discuss insurance information, programming and fees.


MHRC currently offices in three locations - Northwest Houston, Northeast Harris/Montgomery County and Conroe TX


You can stop by our Conroe office or call 936.494.4357 to speak with our helpful receptionist.

    Monday by appointment only.   
    Tuesday through Thursday: 12:00 pm to 7:30 pm
    Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

**Please note that all massages, urine screens and sessions are by appointment only.**
Consults and intake are available during business hours - these will be more convenient to you IF you make a specific
Every Tuesday at 7 pm a health and nutrition information lecture * No Charge * Everyone Welcome

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