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Contact our office at 936.494.4357 to discuss insurance options and schedule an appointment.

Please complete all required forms and bring them to your orientation/Intake session along with all necessary fees. You may also call the office to discuss options of paying fees online.
**Intake/Orientation call for an appointment
Please have picture ID and referral form

 Welcome to Mental Health Resource Center...we care for your health!
In person and  Tele med services are open for all programming.  Please call the office to schedule your day, time and class.

We have amended our rules for the technology meetings that are much different than the requirements for our “in person”, office meetings. Please ask questions at intake and orientation if you are not clear on the following rules. To attend a video meeting, you MUST attend intake and orientation PRIOR to being admitted to a video group.
Online, phone, Tele Med, Video session rules:
1.Your appointment is your time – If you cannot attend, please call/email/text 24 hours in advance. Not doing so may result in your being charged for the missed/no show/no call session. The report to your referral will show a “no call/no show” attendance.
2. Please Put your name on your zoom profile. (Roll) Please mute your microphone when not speaking.
3.Please do not lie in bed, sleep, watch TV, drive or listen to other technology or devices, do not talk to others on the phone. (pay attention to your group session)
4.The session is confidential for you and the other group members – you are not to invite others in to “sit in” on the session. Please respect the privacy/confidentiality of the other group members. No photographs during the group meeting. No children/pets at the group meeting.
5.Please do not leave the session; you will not receive credit for any meeting left. If you leave a group meeting, room do not return.
6.If you are participating in a video call – please dress and participate as if you were at our office - in person. 
7.If you are participating in a video call – please do not smoke/vape or use tobacco products while in the session.
8.Call in advance of the session and pay the fees for the session – You will not receive credit for a session that has not been purchased. If you have a financial concern, you must take care of the matter before you enter the session, you will be given written (text or email) permission by the owner or office manager.
9.You will not be allowed into the session if you are 5 minutes late. If the Host is having technical difficulties – you will not have consequences for late arrivals.
10. There are no cash refunds - If you pay in advance you will be expected to take the classes, even if your court case is completed before you complete the class. NO EXCEPTIONS
Peggy Heath, MS., LPC - OWNER